Cantonese Classes


The Chinese School of San Diego (CSSD) is the only Chinese School that offers Cantonese among other Chinese schools in San Diego county. Below is a list of classes we offer.


Children 幼兒   Cantonese Children Beginning 廣東幼兒初級班
Youth 青少年   Cantonese Youth Beginning 廣東青少年初級班
  Cantonese Youth Intermediate 廣東青少年中級班
  Cantonese Youth Advanced 廣東青少年高級班
Teen 青年   Cantonese Teen Beginning 廣東青年初級班
  Cantonese Teen Intermediate 廣東青年中級班
  Cantonese Teen Advanced 廣東青年高級班
Adult 成人   Cantonese Adult Conversation 廣東成人會話班