I would encourage the student to go to a good Chinese school. Be a diligent student. Listen to the pronunciation carefully. Visit free web sites. Find good dictionaries, watch Chinese TV or listen to Chinese radio. Expose to Chinese as much as possible.

Practice by speaking it, reading it, listening to it, writing it, thinking about it, I even dreaming in it.

  • Make flash cards. I used to paste nouns around my room on the furniture. I carried verbs card and tried to use them as I have idol time on my hand, like waiting in line.
  • I go to Chinese church and listen to the preacher with the interpreter.
  • I buy cartoon books in Chinese. I also buy bi-lingual books or magazines.
  • I go to Chinese restaurant and read the bi-lingual menu.
  • I watch lots of Chinese movies and listen to Chinese songs.
  • I tried to write some Chinese with a dictionary everyday.
  • Practice talking with Chinese friends.
  • Immerse into Chinese and Chinese culture as much as I can.